With the town of Southern Pines in the sandhills of North Carolina serving as his homebase, Tim Sayer has been documenting the lives and businesses of clients throughout the East Coast for the past 10 years. In the winter of 2004, Tim established Sayer Photography, a studio committed to providing an exciting option for high-end portraiture and innovative wedding photography that reaches beyond the scope of what traditional studio photography normally offers.

Using the latest in digital photography technology, Tim combines his mastery of multiple photographic techniques and his fertile imagination to create images for his clients that will provide them with an artful glimpse into themselves and their loved ones. He strives to portray his subjects with a subtle dignity and beauty that is often hard to perceive in the information and sensory overload of modern society. The still image allows time for quiet reflection and introspection missing with other forms of media. When done well, Tim believes that photography has the ability to distill moments in time into something life-affirming, tangible and lasting. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, his emotionally charged works of art are something that his clients and their families will cherish for generations.

Constantly striving to think outside of the box, Tim melds time-tested classic techniques with a fresh and innovative style that avoids trends and clichés or the dreaded canvas backdrop look. Whether shooting in his studio or on location, he prides himself on finding unique ways to tell his client's stories, usually trying to tie in the relationships that his subjects share with the people and environments surrounding them. More than simply capturing a single moment in time, his images tell stories, each as unique and varied as the subjects they portray. Whether working with an idea that is relatively simple or one that is more highly conceptualized, Tim's passion and enthusiasm for his work ensure that his art is constantly evolving and pushing boundaries.

Much like some of the photographers who have inspired him--Annie Leibowitz, Irving Penn, and Richard Avedon--Tim believes it is important to build a connection of trust, respect, and understanding with his subjects. In his own words, "...what drew me to photography is that it is an art form through which inherently people share with me something they may not often share with others, their true inner selves. I am a curious person by nature, and photography has been the perfect medium through which to explore the world and learn about the lives of the people around me. I truly feel honored when my subjects trust me enough to share and capture some of the most important and meaningful moments of their lives. During those unguarded moments, when the veil is dropped and I push the shutter, oftentimes something magical happens. I know that I have succeeded in my work when I have created a piece that will captivate not only the subject, but the imaginations of all who see it." Winner of the 2010 Wedding and Portrait Society Photographer of the Year Award